The connected beehive

Since 2013, OPTIBEE designs and manufactures in France hive scales for beekeepers

La balance de ruche Optibee

OPTIBEE, leading manufacturer of SIGFOX connected beehives offers a support system for beekeepers

Unique system measuring and transmitting in real time the weight of the hive and the conditions of the apiaries.

The DNA of OPTIBEE is to help beekeepers on a daily basis, which is why we are constantly looking for reliability, robustness and ease of use.

"Designed and manufactured in France by Cad Création "

The product


The scale


100% Aluminum structure: Robust and easy to handle

200 kg measuring capacity: Adapts to most beehive configurations

Battery life up to 24 months

Cannot be used in the event of theft 

10 year warranty

The dashboard

 Real-time monitoring of colony production

Configuration of email and SMS alerts to be notified in the event of a change in the weight of a hive

Intuitive analysis of data, visualization on a map of apiaries and production

Overview of the weather conditions on your apiaries from D to D + 7

Customer service


Thanks to the design of the scale and our sense of service, we are committed to ensuring an after-sales service that allows you not to waste time and thus maximize the operating time of Optibee on your apiaries.

Unlimited email support

The network


The scale uses the Sigfox network to send measurements to Optibee servers.

The equipment is category 0 certified by Sigfox, which guarantees optimum transmission quality to the network.
We have been partners of Sigfox since 2013, the choice of this technology allows us to transmit at a level 1000 times lower than GSM technology.

We thus limit electromagnetic disturbances on apiaries and save as much energy as possible.

Maintenance and reliability


Modular design to facilitate after-sales service

The maintenance operations on the scale consist of changing the batteries (approximately every two seasons).

You have notified yourself by email of the need to intervene.

Complies with European standards, CE and RED marking issued by an independent accredited laboratory

Security and confidentiality


The data sent by Optibee belongs to you, we are committed to keeping all the information collected confidential.

Optibee does not have a GPS chip. The scales are therefore not locatable except by yourself.

Access to data is protected by an encryption system of the same level as e-commerce sites.

Your data is backed up regularly so that in the event of failure Optibee keeps a history of them.


They trust us

“… one of the most efficient weighing systems today is the special Optibee beekeeping scale ….”
“… the model most used by professionals …”
source: The Beekeeper fact sheets by Gilles Fert published by Rustica
Gilles Fert

Queen breeder, international consultant and author of several reference books in the beekeeping world

The Adapi observatory in 2017 will attempt to assess the influence of the geographical location of apiaries on the performance of colonies (in collaboration with INRA BioSP).
Weight gain can be viewed in real time with beehives placed on Optibee automatic scales throughout the lavender campaign.

French National Agricultural Research Institute

The Adaaq Sunflower Observatory uses Optibee to study factors that explain variations in sunflower honeydew.

Association for the Development of Beekeeping in New Aquitaine

Optibee, a CAD CREATION trademark

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