The product :


The Optibee scale is robust with its stainless steel frame and unobtrusive protection.


        • Battery life up to 24 months in order to limit maintenance

        • Adaptable to any hive size from 350 to 540 mm

        • 7cm thickness only, easy to position under the beehives

        • Maximum capacity 200Kg

        • Unusablein case of theft

        • Modular designin order to ease maintenance and reduce costs in case of an issue on a component

        • 5 years WarrantyOPTIBEE ALU



Maintenance operations on the scales come down to changing the batteries(every other season approximately) when the battery level is low.
This can be done in less than 2 minutes per scale and you are notified by SMS about a month in advance of the need to intervene.



After Sales Service:


Thanks to the design of the scale and the quality of our customer service, we are committed to providing an after-sales service that allows you to waste no time and optimise Optibee use on your apiaries.
We alse provide unlimited email support.


 The service:


Optibee service allows you to:

o Monitor near real-time the production of your colonies
o Set up customised notifications and SMS in case of weight change of a hive(downward or upward) over a specific timeperiod (SMS is sent less than 2 minutes after tripping of the alert)
o Intuitively analyze data from your apiaries
o Graphical view on a map of your apiaries and production
o Receive production reports by email
o Be notified when a scale is no longer issuing data
o Receive weatherforecasts inyourapiariesup to seven days ahead




Security and Privacy:


Because the data reported by Optibee belong to you, we are fully committed to keep all information collected confidential.
Optibee does not have a GPS chip, scales can not be localizable except by yourself.
In addition, access to your data is protected by encryption level similar to that of e-commerce sites.
Finally, your data is regularly backed up so that incase of any failure, Optibee keeps a history of them.





In order to constantly adapt to your needs,we regularly enhance our dashboards taking account of all feedbacks received.





The network:



The scale uses the Sigfox technology to bring measures to Optibee servers.

The material is certified by SigFox category 0 , which is the guarantee of quality optimal transmission to the network.

We are partners of SigFox since 2013, the use of this technology allows us to transmit at a level 1,000 times lower than the GSM technology.

We limit and electromagnetic interference on apiaries and save maximum energy